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Retention Marketing

As e-commerce rockets ahead, will your strategy keep up?

E-commerce is rapidly becoming more competitive. There are around  24 million eCommerce websites in the world, with more entering the market than ever before.

It’s time to Future-Proof your store using the power of Retention Marketing. Acquisition costs are reaching new heights and the era of easily profitable traffic is becoming a thing of the past.

Pivoting your strategy towards enhancing your retention efforts and optimizing the Customer Acquisition Cost payback time is crucial.

Get more bang out of your buck and grow your business efficiently with retention marketing.

Email Marketing brings in $42 for every $1 spent - that's a 4200% ROI!


Why E-commerce brands LOVE Orbit

Orbit is not just another email marketing agency; we’re your partner in sustainable E-commerce growth.
Here’s why brands trust us to elevate their brand:

Long-term Business Focus:

We delve into your business model, products, and audience to craft a bespoke strategy that goes beyond short-term spikes in email-driven revenue. Our vision is aligned with the on-going success of your store.

Revenue increase:

We drive sales with personalized, engaging Flows and Campaigns that convert one-time buyers into loyal, repeat customers.

Retention marketing strategies:

Our tailored strategies aim to retain customers and foster a loyal & engaged community around your brand.

Beyond Emails:

Not only do we leverage Zero-Party Data to capture deeper insights into your audience, we adopt a holistic view of your brand, boosting your overall marketing efforts and ensuring optimal growth.

Qualitative Research:

Our approach includes in-depth qualitative research to ensure a comprehensive understanding of your target audience.

Email List building:

We deploy innovative methods to increase your email list size, expanding your audience through strategic engagement and thoughtfully designed opt-in forms.

Our Services

Your Rocket Journey starts here


Klaviyo core flows and integration with your store.

Don’t work with us if you want standard email templates and a one-size-fits all approach like 10% pop-ups.

We’re the choice for those who think big. Yes, we will elevate your revenue; but we go beyond that. We craft a unique, data-backed customer journey that turns clicks into repeat-sales.

Let’s create a truly unique and highly effective flow setup for your business.

Monthly Retention Marketing:

Ongoing Email Marketing for your store.

From Flows and Campaigns, to Zero-party Data collection and Advanced Retention Strategies,

It’s more than a service — it’s a partnership for your e-commerce store’s lasting growth.

Picture a dedicated team, your growth champions, working tirelessly to increase revenue and keep bringing your customers back for more.

Every strategy we employ, and every email we send, builds a community around your brand, turning each purchase into a long-term relationship.

Case Studies

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Crazy muscle

Crazy Muscle

Crazy Muscle Case Study

How ‘Crazy Muscle’ Amassed a Legion of Loyal Fans and sky-rocketed revenue

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Living Ratio

Living Ratio Case Study

Living Ratio, a chocolate brand with a healthy twist, approached our team at Orbit with a mission as sweet as their treats: to boost revenue and retain customers.

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Art aficionados rejoice!

American Flat Case Study

See how American Flat, a premier destination in the art industry, boosted sales and built a thriving community of loyal customers

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